Our policy has always been to protect your privacy and any personal information we have about you, your family and your accounts. Current Federal legislation requires us to provide you with our written privacy policy.

INVEST/Os Pledge to Privacy

We do not disclose information about you or your accounts to anyone unless absolutely necessary, only for your benefit for business purposes, and only as permitted by law. In most cases we provide the minimum amount of information necessary to achieve the necessary goal. As you always have, you can trust Invest/Os pledge to your privacy, and know that we go beyond conventional privacy practices to protect you and your interests, and to conserve resources by reducing junk mail and marketing.

We share only limited information with brokers and financial institutions necessary to provide you with investment advisory, account and financial services. We strive to limit that information only to what is absolutely necessary. Different types of accounts and trading activity have different suitability requirements. We provide only the level of information necessary to meet those requirements.

The types of non-public personal information we do retain, for essential purposes only, include:

None of this information is shared with any third party, except as permitted by law and only when necessary to provide you with investment advisory services. In almost all cases the only information we share with anyone outside our office is for essential dealings with service providers such as your brokerage. As independent companies, they are required to have their own privacy policies.

Our records, both physical and electronic are secured in a variety of ways to insure your privacy. Our procedures, policies and ethics actively contribute to that security.

We do not sell, distribute or contribute any information to mailing lists or marketing lists of any kind.