There are a variety of ways INVEST/O - Registered Investment Advisors can help you reach your financial goals. Whether you have savings, investments, or an inheritance that you don't want to manage yourself, or if you are just looking for someone who can respond to your ideas about money management and ethical investing, we can help. INVEST/O has chosen to stay relatively small, and therefore gives each client unique and personalized attention. Each client's financial goals and investment ideas and values are key ingredients in our work. We strive to maintain a clean, proven investment philosophy tailored to an individual's needs and goals.

William Kuhn, directing manager, has guided our master portfolio, and most clients' portfolios to an impressive increase while maintaining the integrity of a clean, honest portfolio.

INVEST/O offers strategies ranging from trading programs to insured tax-exempt securities; from family account management to IRA planning; from buy/sell indicators to diversification alternatives. Many people enjoy investing on their own, or would like to manage their portfolios if they had professional support. INVEST/O offers consulting services to a wide variety of investors. Some of our services include helping define financial goals, setting up IRAs, evaluating insurance needs, or periodically reviewing an individual's portfolio.

INVEST/O also publishes a weekly newsletter, The Risk Factor Method of Investing, which reflects our current investment strategies and market outlook. The newsletter contains stock market advice and commentary, reports and graphs of market risk, recommendations on the stocks we watch, Master Portfolio history and updates, and highlights from other advisors.