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What will climate change cost you?

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The Risk Factor model is designed to approximate risk and not intended for active events.

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Climate risk across the United States

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  • 29.5M
    Properties at risk today
  • 30.5M
    Properties at risk in 30 years
  • 3.5%
    Change in risk
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Map displayed at the county level
  1. Minor - 0.5M
  2. Moderate - 9.1M
  3. Major - 9.0M
  4. Severe - 6.2M
  5. Extreme - 5.9M


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As featured in the New York Times

“For too long, we have let people live in communities, and even attracted them to join a community, while keeping them in a state of ignorance about the risk that they’re under.”
Source: “Here is the first-ever map showing wildfire risk to American homes.”

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Office of Management and Budget

"This assessment’s exposed value of Federal facilities for the year 2022 within the 100-year floodplain … is more than double when using the modeling from First Street Foundation relative to the analysis performed for the 2023 President’s Budget using the FEMA Flood Maps"

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From the Wall Street Journal

“The model from the nonprofit First Street Foundation represents the first attempt to make property-level wildfire-risk scores freely available.”
Source: “Tens of millions of U.S. properties face wildfire risk, new study says.”