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A property’s Flood Factor®, Fire Factor®, Heat Factor®, and Wind Factor™ indicate its comprehensive risk from flooding, wildfire, extreme heat, or severe winds ranging from 1 (minimal) to 10 (extreme).

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Flood Factor

Flood Factor considers flooding from rain, rivers, tidal, and storm surge to determine the risk of water reaching the building over a 30 year period.

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Fire Factor

Fire Factor considers the property’s building materials, and distance to fire risk areas, and burnable materials, such as vegetation, to determine the risk of being impacted by wildfire.

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Wind Factor

Wind Factor considers the property’s characteristics, and takes into account the local conditions such as the roughness of the landscape surrounding a property in order to determine its risk from severe wind.

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Heat Factor

Heat Factor considers the property’s distance to water, land use, and relative elevation to determine the severity of extreme heat at the property and calculate the cost of staying cool.

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Air Factor

Air Factor takes into account a property's local conditions such as increases in wildfire activity and conditions favorable for ozone formation in order to determine it's risk from poor air quality.

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